The multinational that inspires athletes and people around the world entrusted the management of its public relations in Colombia to C&C Comunicaciones in 2013.
Since then, we have advised the most important sports and lifestyle brand on the planet in all its categories: Running, Soccer, Training, and Sportswear. Our objective is
to generate visibility and positioning for their business units through experiences and stories told by the media and the brand’s content generators in the country.


“C&C Comunicaciones has been a fundamental ally for Nike in Colombia for 10 years, the service they have provided us is exceptional and with a strategic and creative approach and an enormous commitment that has significantly contributed to the success of our campaigns in the country. The quality of their work has strengthened our communications as a brand and the handling of every detail is a reflection of their genuine commitment. We appreciate their professional skills and the human touch they bring to every project we have developed together. For 10 more years of teamwork!”.

Consumer Brand Marketing Lead at Nike.